9/11 Synchronicities, Foreshadows, and Predictions

Nobody needs to tell you that the events of 9/11 shook the minds of millions around the world and will cast a long shadow of trauma which the world will live under for many years to come – but what you may not realise is that this shadow of trauma not only extends into the future, but extends years into the years preceding it. Whether your explanation for the events of that day are conspiratorial, mystical, a mixture of both, or “the official story”, you cannot deny the High Strangeness I am about to present to you here.

Note: There are likely many more examples of this phenomena as well as plenty of psychic premonitions which I will not cover in this article. Feel free to share anything more that you know in the comments section of this blog post.

2002 11th September New York State Lottery

The winning lotto numbers on this date were “911”.

Michael Richards’ Sculpture


This sculptor had a studio on the 92nd floor of Tower 1. In 1999 he created this sculpture of St. Sebastian pieced with aeroplanes in place of the arrows which the historical figure is depicted as being pierced with upon his persecution by the Romans. Sadly Richards was present in his studio when the building collapsed. Not only was he foreseeing a huge transpersonal future event, he was also seeing his personal fate.

Spiderman Comic From 1976


This front gloss of a Spiderman comic book from 1976 depicts a nemesis of our hero clenching the towers in his fists. I would have you note that this character is archetypically a Corporatist fat cat.

The 10th Kingdom – Prediction or Programming?

The fantasy TV Movie mini-series released in 2000, The 10th Kingdom, had some interesting sub-conscious content.

Towers Falling on Opening Credits

Watch the intro to this movie and watch for the 47th second mark where the giant steps over the building. The Towers in the distance collapse.


This is a close-up.


Portal to New York Appears to Fly Right Into Towers


The photography of this scene doesn’t make any sense. While it’s imaginable why the two heaviest skyscrapers may sink into their footprint if a giant were to walk through Manhattan, there’s no imaginable reason why this series of images would give the viewer the impression they’re flying right into one of the towers when the dog traveling through the portal exits nowhere near those buildings at all.

Cookie Monster Attacks Twin Towers


Another children’s publication from 1976. This one has a few interesting aspects to it. The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street is seen savagely snacking on the towers.

  • The slab of concrete by Cookie Monster’s lip is a pentagon shape, as pointed out by an astute observer on David Icke Forums, and is falling from his mouth having not been eaten.

“Ducktales” Donald Duck Comic

donaldduck1997Image expands into new window.

The Coup’s “Party Music” Album Cover


“The Coup” produced an album in June of 2001 and chose this album. Although this album was highly anticipated, the production and distribution failed them. The album was recalled following the events in September and the album was re-released with a different cover.

1993 Comic Book


Click image to enlarge

Look under the Sun. An airliner has plunged into one of the towers.

A Fun One – The $20 Bill

20_Bill_9_11_prediction__by_dylrocks95-300x225This is a fun one you can do at home if you’re in the States and you’re well-off enough to have a 20 in your pocket. Fold it up and take a look. Takes some imagination, but it’s there.

The Simpsons Guide to New York


As far as I know – and I could be wrong since I’m not American and don’t see American magazines – the price of a magazine isn’t the prominent print on a magazine. The meme is “9/11”, abstracted from a particular formatting of that date (9/11/01) which in mathematics is 9 over 11, which is more accurately typed with the 9 physically higher than the 11. If we imagine a division mark between the 9 and the Twin Towers we can see a little bit of a foreshadow.

Pakistani Airline Ad – 1979


Image property of News Group Newspapers Ltd and is being used under the limitation of Fair Use.

This is ad copy from a Pakistani Airline company advertising 16 and a half hour flights to New York. It’s imagery is peculiar and jarring as the surreal “shadow” of the plane gives the impression the airliner is headed straight for the right-hand tower.

Johnny Bravo Foreshadow


I grant you that this is a very thin thread. I just find it peculiar. “Chain Gang Johnny” was aired on the 27th of April 2001 and was close enough to suggest that the poster of a burning skyscraper saying “Coming Soon” could very well be referring to what was to happen the following September. One commenter on the foreshadow rightly pointed out that “symbolism” was mentioned right before the poster came into frame. Although this commenter probably had some strange Christian-influenced ideas of what that means, I would suggest that (like in movies) the writer/director was prompting the viewer to soften their vision. Perhaps not to look for symbolism (which this poster is not) but to think symbolically and non-linearly. The comment by the Carl character that the movie Johnny was bored by was “For your information it was rich in symbolism”. If you’re going to air terminology to people who don’t understand it (the under 14s) then you may as well do it correctly and have the character say “For your information it was rich in SUBTEXT”.

The Matrix – Neo’s Passport


Click image to enlarge

This isn’t substantially conclusive and I wouldn’t say that it’s a foreshadow, but rather a clue left by someone in-the-know to trigger the imaginations of the many sharp minds out there and give them the hint that someone within the very same sphere of influence had a hand in what was to come a year later.

Actual Predictions and Premonitions

Several people have predicted 9/11, warned the populace that some horrible thing will happen around then, or had dreams/visions on the days running up to the event.

Bill Cooper’s Prediction

Late host of “Hour of the Time” radio show, creator of the “Mystery Babylon” series, IRS-resister, and conspiracy godfather to many millions. The information Cooper brought to us in this show was copy-catted by Alex Jones, who managed to convince millions that HE predicted 9/11. These claims are false. Bill was on the ball – that’s why he had to die.

Freeman Fly’s Prediction

Three years prior to the attacks Occultist and conspiracy theorist, Freeman Fly (now known simply as Freeman), predicted the Twin Towers attack with the help of numerology. Here’s his story:


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