CrisisActors.org_ – Another Planted Clue to the Sandy Hook Conspiracy?

It has become apparent to a small number of people within the “conspiracy theorist” community that although the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary (CT, USA) may have been staged, those who staged it have made their foul play blatantly obvious for the purpose of stirring up more fear and confusion. One of the oddities of the Sandy Hook disaster is the organisation known as “Crisis Actors”. These are trained actors hired by the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies for the purpose of simulating crisis training situations (e.g. a mass shooting or terrorist attack).

To prove that actors have been used to impersonate bystanders and victims’ relatives in the Sandy Hook shootings, attention has been drawn to a domain/social network called The problem with this website is that there is no evidence for it existing any time before December 23rd 2012. You could say that this is simply a coincidence, but considered along with the myriad of oddities arising out of this incident, it is certainly a cause for further investigation. Has No Record of it image to enlarge. URL is THE website for statistical information on domain names. It archives the link volume, the click-through volume, and the visitor volume. Here it shows traffic and back-links emerging around the end of December 2012 and a giant spike in traffic around the time videos about the Crisis Actors emerged. It’s main visitors come from the “conspiracy theorists”. Actually, without the “conspiracy theorists”, it’s Traffic Rank is basically nil.

The Wayback Machine Has No Record of it image to enlarge.

Wayback Machine URL Image to enlarge.

The Wayback Machine is a feature on that automatically grabs pages of websites and archives them to be surf-able by anyone who is curious enough to look at how a website was in bygone eras. It archives sites faithfully and without discrimination. As you can see from the second image (the 2012 calendar) Wayback only has records of it beginning on the 23rd of December. Record image to enlarge. URL is the authority on who registered which domain, when they registered it, how to contact the owner and other relevant information. Like The Wayback Machine and Alexa, this doesn’t lie, as it is automated.

Outlined in green we see the registration date is the 17th of August 2012. This means that Mr. John Simmons bought the domain name months before in the hopes of establishing a website at some point. He left it dormant until a week and a half after the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Website/Community is Obviously Fake

CrisisActors.org_This site looks professional, but isn’t. Granted, there are 2 or 3 custom graphics on this site, but they aren’t that difficult to make. The site is registered with which is basically an off-the-shelf Social Network platform that requires little to no knowledge of web programming to start. With a $7 minimum on a credit card, one can rent their server space and run their software on one’s own domain name.

Note that under SOCIAL MEDIA there are a variety of symbols for social networks on which to share the site, and this section unusually and inexplicably includes the seal of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. is the archived copy from the Wayback Machine on the 23rd of December. Although this was the first active day for the site, it was already full of content and had a sizable number of members. None of the added videos or blog posts have been interacted with (i.e. Commented on or Favourited). Some of the content is even dated back as far as early September, which is clearly identifies it as fabricated, since the site was not active at that time.

Analysis of the site raises a number of questions. Who purchased the domain for this site four months before the Sandy Hook shootings, and made this site active nine days after the incident? The fact that the domain was purchased four months before this incident is a strong indicator that the individuals involved had foreknowledge of the events that would occur. The next question is Why? What is the purpose of this site? As demonstrated, it’s ostensible purpose, networking for “crisis actors”, is a fabrication. Judging by site traffic, the actual intended audience for this website appears to be “conspiracy theorists” and “truthers”. Those of us who are seeking to understand what really happened at Sandy Hook must realize that the web of deception surrounding this incident has many layers, and takes us deep into the rabbit hole.

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