Human Sacrifice & The 33rd North Parallel

The practice of blood ritual is something that appears to have always been happening somewhere on the planet at any given period. The following suggests that such practices are still considered somewhat normal by a certain minority of our species in what we think are “civilized times”.

The essentials of any magical practice, immoral or pure, is Intent and Energy. An excellent example of this in our culture is marriage – the people come to a central place, these things happen here traditionally, and it’s decorated with the symbolism of the respective culture. It’s a good place for the people to hold a strong energy, and the Priest to direct that energy into the intent of the couple. This is a good explanation of what goes on at the 33rd Parallels.
The particular energy/resonance they want to generate here is the resonance that comes with Cortisol, released in fear, extreme pain, and death. The metaphysical location is as important as the cultural symbolism where people come to marry. It expresses and intent, and nobody knows what that intention is.

Human Sacrifice on the 33rd North Parallel

Saddam Husein

He was hanged on the opening day of Eid ul-Adha (30th December), which is a Sunni festival literally meaning “The Festival of Sacrifice”. The hanging was in the suburb Kadhimiya (Latitude: 33° 22′ 36 N, Longitude: 44° 20′ 14 E) which lies on the 33rd Northern Latitude.

American Death-Row & Torture

The following American States have “Correctional Facilities” that commit ritualised murders, all on the 33rd North Latitude:

  • Florence, Arizona 33° 1′ 53″ N / 111° 23′ 12″ W
  • Sunflower County, Arizona 33° 51′ 51″ N / 111° 28′ 3″ W
  • Jackson, Georgia 30° 48′ 52″ N / 83° 16′ 22″ W (Not on the 33rd, but omission helps no one)
  • Atlanta, Georgia 33° 44′ 56″ N / 84° 23′ 17″ W
  • Ridgeville, South Carolina 33° 5′ 45″ N / 80° 18′ 55″ W


The American Prison in Iraq that has been on the news headlines on and off, Abu Ghraib, also lies on the 33rd N. Lat. And we all know what’s being done there. Endless torture and at times death BY torture.

Addendum: It’s been suggested that the pictures we received through the media from Abu Ghraib may have been photo-shopped. It’s my opinion that they have been. I can certainly imagine that this was a method for intensifying the rituals that may have actually been going on there anyway. If the populous saw pictures that didn’t show angry Americans loosing control; but psychopathic, sadistic, smiling nutjob Americans torturing prisoners by the most bizarre means an immense amount of disgust, rage, or (maybe even) elation would have been expelled across the whole globe.

The Bhutto Family

The American-Educated Leader of The Pakistan Peoples’ Party Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and his daughter Benazir (influencial member) have an affinity with the city of Rawalpindi, in death, as Zulfikar was hanged there and his daughter was assassinated there.

(33° 36′ 0″ N / 73° 4′ 0″ E)

Tuscan, Arizona Shooting

Just off the 33rd in the city of Tuscan (32° 13′ 18″ N / 110° 55′ 32″ W), a Mindcontrol victim murdered a Congresswoman and managed to kill 5 others.

The Atlanta Murders of 1879-1981

(33.7489° N / 84.3881° W) In this time period 28 to 31 African-Americans were killed serially within the Atlanta, Georgia (USA) area. Wayne Williams was eventually arrested and incarcerated for a handful of these murders, but it is unlikely that he acted alone and was capable of so much carnage in such a short time-period. The book is still open as to who was responsible despite the State having convicted Wayne.

The FBI and local police received a series of hand-written letters supposedly sent by The Zodiac Killer who, during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s indulged in a serial killing of 4 people in North Carolina (and another suspected 4). Only one of these killings fell on the 33rd North Parallel (33°58′19″N / 117°22′52″W). It is most-likely that these letters were sent in order to subvert Law Enforcement’s efforts in tracking down the real killer; but it is peculiar all-the-same that this individual refers to the ancient understanding of the Zodiac. The Zodiac and the divisions of the Earth are interrelated as they both served as navigational and mystical tools, they paralleled each other in Occult understanding. The North/South-East/West divisions of the Earth grid, for example, are the same as the 4 divisions of the Zodiac. Both symbolized by a cross through a circle. Not exactly damning evidence, but a point of interest and another peculiar piece of evidence to add to the pile proving that Necromancy is still performed on this Earth to this day.

The taunting letter received by police after the string of murders.

Individual Murder Co-Ordinates

Although there is no way of knowing where these people were killed we can assume, for this instance, that they weren’t brought far from the point after their deaths.

To display this long list of victims click the link that embarrassingly says “Spoiler Title”.

  • Edward “Hope” Smith – (33.706995,-84.529852)
  • Afred Evans – (33.706995,-84.529852) Not Confirmed.
  • Milton Harvey – (33.660706,-84.496608)
  • Yusuf Bell – (33.740652,-84.384071)
  • Angel Lenair – (33.711001,-84.446836)
  • Jeffrey Mathis – (33.730468,-84.446147)
  • Eric Middlebrooks – (33.730421,-84.334298)
  • Christopher Richardson – (33.667535,-84.514848) Not Confirmed. Somewhere near “Redwine”.
  • LaTonya Wilson – (33.755179,-84.457237)
  • Aaron Wyche – (33.689085,-84.341054)
  • Anthony Carter – (33.739094,-84.408716)
  • Earl Terrell – (33.667535,-84.514848) Somewhere near “Redwine”.
  • Clifford Jones – (33.791147,-84.46727)
  • Darron Glass – STILL MISSING.
  • Charles Stephens – (33.70653,-84.291687)
  • Aaron Jackson – (33.69616,-84.358468)
  • Patrick Rogers – FOUND TRAVELING IN RIVER.
  • Lubie Geter- (33.679822,-84.571252)
  • Terry Pue – (33.683017,-84.063751)
  • Patrick Baltazar – (33.834513,-84.334195)
  • Joseph Bell – Cannot determine co-ordinates – Rockdale County off Klondike Rd.
  • Timothy Hill – FOUND TRAVELING IN RIVER near Cochrane Road.
  • Eddie Duncan – FOUND TRAVELING IN RIVER on the Douglas County side of the Chattahoochie.
  • Larry Rogers – (33.764914,-84.422049)
  • William Barrett – (33.738576,-84.328351)
  • Nathaniel Cater – FOUND TRAVELING IN RIVER
  • John Porter – (33.733602,-84.406411)

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (USA)

(33.799475,-84.326208) Depending on how learned you are, the CDC is a place of note. With a possible connection to the Atlanta Child Murders at the end of the 1970’s which strangely coincided with the AIDS epidemic. Some jokingly call the CDC “The Center for Disease CREATION”. It’s location alone is not so alarming without this Longitude playing host to so many other simulated atrocities listed above.

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