The remains of a fertilizer plant burn after an explosion at the plant in the town of West, near Waco, Texas early April 18, 2013.   REUTERS/Mike Stone

Monsanto Emerges As Suspect on Waco Plant Drone Strike

by the Boston Marathon bombings, and the hunt for the “terrorist” perpetuators which followed. It strongly appears that this sequence of events and pattern of coverage (or lack thereof) was intentional. The mainstream media’s version of events was that the explosion was a tragic accident, caused by negligence on the part of the company. However, a closer examination indicates that the biotech giant, Monsanto, was involved in this incident, and that the explosion may have been caused by a drone strike. The motive, capability, and timing of this event clearly demonstrate corporate warfare, and it is our hope to demonstrate this, step-by-step.

The Plant Was Struck & Detonated By a Missile

For reasons to be covered in the next section, the level of devastation at the West Fertilizer plant could not have occurred so quickly, and be solely due to internal causes. An outside trigger had to be introduced in order to detonate the solid flammables. Video footage of the explosion supports the hypothesis that the explosion was caused by a drone strike.

If you’ve been living underneath the proverbial rock, you may say, “a DRONE strike on American soil!? Impossible!” However, this year’s (2013) “FAA Reauthorization Act”, passed by U.S. Congress, places military drones in the skies (for more on drones in US skies, click here . )

Indicators of External Causes for this Event

The explosion at the West Fertilizer Company flattened houses, killed dozens of people, and injured hundreds more. Despite it being a fertilizer plant carrying mainly flammable substances, the damage sustained could not have been solely due to internal causes, as a short lesson in chemistry will reveal. Click here , to read Christopher Busby’s article, which substantiates this in greater detail.

Immediate Media Response & the Company’s Crash

At least for the time-being we cannot fully verify the following, but many noticed that within hours of the explosion at the West Fertilizer Company, the event was anonymously reported via Twitter, and subsequently copied by over 3,000 puppet accounts. This immediate publicity drew the attention of mainstream and alternative news sources, which alerted automated systems to withdraw and cease investments in the West Fertilizer Company, devastating it financially.

This is reminiscent of the “Twitter Revolutions” (2009-2011) that targeted the “undesirable” governments of Moldova, Tunisia, Iran, Bahrain, Libya, and Egypt, in which thousands of puppet Twitter accounts spread messages of dissent originating from countries outside of the regions in question, with suspicion of a Mossad/CIA link being responsible. We now see the same phenomena in response to the explosion at the West Fertilizer Company, which should be a red flag that having this information broadcast immediately was important to someone’s agenda- which brings us to Monsanto.

Monsanto Faced Litigation from the West Fertilizer Company

The Wall Street Journal reports that in 2007, the West Fertilizer Company submitted a potential Class Action law suit against Monsanto over the price-fixing of their herbicide “Roundup”. After being stalled in 2010, the appeal is still pending review by a District Judge, and hasn’t moved since. The case is 30-lawyers strong and hasn’t been withdrawn, posing a real and present threat to Monsanto’s squeaky-clean reputation within the United States.

What better way to put an end to a potential Class Action lawsuit and silence the dissent from this company than to make them appear criminally incompetent, through triggering an explosion that would cause mass casualties and damage? Since it’s inception in 1901, Monsanto has gone to war with almost every nation and corporation to assure full-scale dominance.

So how did Monsanto accomplish the ordering of a missile strike from a US Air Force Drone?

Monsanto’s “Revolving Door” and Fascist Alliance with the United States

Ever since the 1990’s, Monsanto has had a revolving door relationship with the United States, in which prominent Monsanto staff have obtained positions in the United States government, in Federal branches such as the FDA, USDA and EPA in order to either soften or completely dismantle regulations that obstruct the biotech corporation. For example, Michael R. Taylor a former attorney for Monsanto, who later became Monsanto’s Vice President and Chief Lobbyist, was given the position of Deputy Commissioner of Policy to the FDA during Obama’s 2008-2013 term, and was now recently appointed by Obama as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner at the FDA. For further information see this publication and The Monsanto Files .

Obama Signs “The Monsanto Protection Act” A Month Beforehand

Of course it isn’t actually called “The Monsanto Protection Act”, but it may as well should be, as one particular section of HR 933: Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act 2013 effectively protects Monsanto and other corporations in that business against litigation and punishment for breaching regulations. The offending section of this HR was entered in by Senator Roy Blunt, who enjoys copious amounts of funds from Monsanto itself.

The Boston Marathon Distraction

A day before this attack, something happened that monopolized everyone’s attention: The Boston Marathon was bombed. Even though the scale of this tragedy was much smaller, with fewer people killed and injured, this attack took precedence in our minds and media, because it was a popular annual event attended by thousands, and because shortly afterward, it had the tag “Terrorism” associated with it. Those connected with the event were severely traumatized, conspiracy theorists were trying to decode it, and everybody else who hadn’t already become cynical and apathetic were in shock. A perfect moment to strike at your enemy with minimal attention, but just enough attention to ruin your enemy forever.

Federal Presence Witnessed in the vicinity of The West Fertilizer Company on the day of the explosion

Matthew Short of Intellihub was “out in the field” when he spotted several Federal vehicles and personnel in his native Waco, near the West Fertilizer Company, on the day of the explosion. It being less than 24 hours after the Boston Marathon Bombing, he felt that he should document their presence just in case something suspicious happened. Something DID happen, and we’re indebted to this rogue journalist for the following documentation. The video’s age can be verified via it’s upload date on Ustream. The fact that Federal vehicles and personnel were in the vicinity of the West Fertilizer Company BEFORE the explosion indicates that they had prior knowledge of what was to occur.

Video streaming by Ustream

Connecting the Dots…

As discussed above, the revolving door and collusion between Monsanto and the United States Federal Government is a matter of public record. However, most people do not suspect just how far the collusion between Monsanto and the United States government actually goes. Given the level of entrenchment Monsanto has within the United States, and their ability to feed POISON to millions without most people seeming to notice, the possibility of Monsanto commissioning a drone to strike a rival’s plant is not as far out as one might think.

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.

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