More 9/11 Foreshadows, Predictions, & Predictive Programming

Two years ago I posted a collection of creepy foreshadows to the attack on the World Trade Center. This collection became popular (relative to The Daily Llama’s popularity) and many of the images spread to forums and blog comments. Since then, more intriguing images have surfaced on the Internet from as far back at the late 70s.


This advertisement for Pirelli tyres has the ominous tagline “Designed to leave a lasting impression”. Could this be a hidden message or perhaps a foreshadowing coming out of the collective unconscious? Were the ad men referring to the tires or the prominent Twin Towers? If either left a lasting impression, it’s those towering skyscrapers.


Another Perilli advert. This one from 1998 and this time the tagline is “Power is nothing without control”. Although this is true for driving, it’s also true of governance. Our overlords may flex their power over the world, but until they have control, that power can be threatened by the power of others. After 9/11 our governments have become almost as controlling as they are powerful.


A 1996 advert for one of the best manufacturers in the world. It’s my personal opinion that this is a deliberate image for predictive programming. The setting is surreal with a child in an empty room, looking at a television set depicting the Twin Towers, while the walls have a projection of a similar city skyline. Like the reality is being transposed into the TV set. This is how 99.99% of the world experienced the event (to point out the obvious). Representation and perspective are not simply rules of art, but magic as well. Think Voodoo and Chaos Magic.
There’s the commandment “Change your life for better”. There’s no doubt that for many of us, 9/11 signified a change in life. Whether it was ultimately for the better isn’t important, but the fact that this advertiser promised you that outcome.


This bizarre line of text probably ultimately means nothing, but for some reason later in the 90’s, any old way of bringing these towers into your consciousness without raising suspicion was utilized. Why would you be near the Twin Towers in a plane, never mind the 42nd floor!? Anything to open that door of possibility in your mind that these towers exist and are fragile.

Comics & Movies


This is allegedly from Germany. The Statue of Liberty looks on in horror as Mario knocks over one of the towers.

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I can’t date this comic frame or which comic story it’s from, but considering the Nazi involvement with America from Project Paperclip onwards, it is appropriate symbolism.


Some creatures is fucking up New York and he just sliced the top off of one of the towers.


(1988) The movie trilogy (with a recent 4th addition to the series) that proved a movie sequel is likely to be like a Xerox copy, and a second sequel is likely to be like a Xerox copy of a Xerox copy, ad infinitum – each one becomes less and less meaningful. Yet the movies were good and had predictive and whistleblowing qualities. With this poster you have to switch on your pattern recognition and see the protruding mid-section of the building as empty space. That’s how this appears to people as two towers burning.



Although there was an attempt to bomb the towers from basement level in 1992 it is still unusual that this publication would depict large buildings as targets. This could have been intel as far back as 1999 informing the CIA that the next attack would take that form, but who can’t find terrorists in a time period of 2 years?


This album cover from early 2001 shows some kind of monster gripping the towers for leverage in a blazing New York City.


Early 2001, a flash (browser-based) game on the Angelfire Arcade was released. Foreshadowing or intentional depiction of future events? Perhaps there are people out there who want us to know that someone out there saw this coming.


In 1994 the fringe magazine we now know simply as “Vice” (since former Viacom CEO, Tom Freston, invested heavily in them) wrote a one-page piece on the terrorist group we’d be largely unaware of until 2001. It shows Beavis and Butthead in turbans and cartoonish planes, circling the Twin Towers. Vice responded to the drama that ensued when the Internet got hold of this image. They explain that it got exposure as that edition was republished in celebration of their 15th birthday. I would be inclined to agree that Vice wasn’t a willing publication, but we have to ask why they released that particular issue of their magazine. Did someone in the position to make that call pick this issue to draw attention to the strange coincidence? Were Vice familiar enough with the Internet to know this will attract notoriety and revenue?


I left this to last because I don’t think very much of it – which should tell you something about my level of skepticism. This edition of New York shows a woman screaming in horror (why?) in response to the real estate bubble which MIGHT burst. It clearly shows the Twin Towers when it could show any city scape with a prominent financial building and it’s asking “Is There Life Beyond the Boom?” – I guess we’re living it, aren’t we?

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