Popular Human Sacrifice and “The 27 Club”

This one is far out there, folks. I don’t know what to think of all of this myself, so this is not to be read as if I am any particular authority on these esoteric concepts. I simply see patterns out there in the world that seem to be the product of a directed consciousness as opposed to “freaky coincidence”. When coincidences coincide, one is compelled to investigate. As concise presentations of this issue free from dogmatic certainty are lacking (one may venture to say non-existent), I will present to you the following very eerie collection of facts.

We’ll approach this through the lens of the esoteric conspiracy theorist who believes that there is an unseen and all-powerful agency at work in politics and media/entertainment which is lining up and ritually murdering pop culture idols. For this, we’ll have to get a bit of background on the history of Human Sacrifice.

King For a Day – April’s Fool

In antiquity we find a common pattern amongst many cultures. One man (and in some cases a woman) was chosen to act as an ambassador or “gift” to the heavens, in order to appease the Gods or otherwise negotiate the tribe’s fair treatment. In ancient Europe and Ancient Babylon, the tradition was held of finding the appropriate man with the right spirit, strength and willingness to sacrifice himself for the tribe. At the close of the year, the elected Sovereign would be put to death in a pyre in order that he pay for the welfare of his people with his life. To be named the Sovereign of a tribe brought one adoration and riches as well as responsibility, not unlike many famous entertainers in the modern era.
Although there is uncertainty regarding the origin of “April Fool’s Day”, a convincing argument has been made for the European tradition of hosting the sacrifice of the Sovereign during the beginning of Spring being the origin of this wacky day where we play (sometimes nasty) pranks on the unwitting. In this ancient tradition, the Sovereign was unaware and pure of heart (i.e. “The Fool” card in the Tarot), only knowing of his fate on the day of his demise.

There are examples of this tradition found within other cultures throughout the world. For example, in ancient Ngoio (the Congo) a man was chosen as Sovereign, ornamented, praised, and showered with appreciation and adoration, for the following night he would be ritually murdered. In particular Mayan ball court games the privilege of being sacrificed was reserved for the Captain of the winning team. It is a common archetypal understanding among various cultures that the King, Holyman, or any other Sovereign could not be allowed to grow old as the spirit within him will grow old with the body. As the Sovereign grows ill, so does the vital force within him. So the decision was made regarding when to murder him to avoid these complications. It was believed that a “soul transferal” took place to give the Sovereign’s spirit a place to reside so that he may continue his work and responsibilities. It was a very important task to maintain the health of this prestigious Soul who was believed to have been with the tribe beyond record and memory.

All of these rituals have their root in Astro-Theology. The Sun was seen as an entity with a short life that had to be extended by some sort of sacrifice. Every day the Sun went beyond the horizon and took all it’s life-giving qualities with it, and come Winter it sank deeper and deeper below the horizon with each passing day. This is a death which follows a rebirth (Winter’s end and Spring). In many cultures the King or Sovereign was equated with the Sun and seen as the representative of this God. How many legendary figures of religion and folklore do you see depicted with Sun discs behind their heads?

The Scapegoat

This is probably the most well-known of sacrificial action and was practiced in various places of the world. In Ancient Syria it was literally a goat, released into the abyss of the desert, bringing the sins and evils of the city with it.

In Ancient Greece the scapegoat took the form of a disabled or psychopathic/criminal person who would be beaten, disgraced and driven out of the community. This was done as a New Year’s ritual, or whenever the community felt it needed cleansing. In some sources, it has been suggested that this person was killed. Official scholars reject this idea, but it is no leap for this author to believe such things were done, and I suggest the repulsion around this suggestion is rooted in the fact that most of the way we think comes from Greek scholarship and philosophy.

From Wikipedia: “Throughout the year, the sins of the ancient Israelites were daily transferred to the regular sin offerings, as outlined in the Torah in Leviticus Ch 16. Once a year, on the tenth day of the seventh month in the Jewish calendar, the Day of Atonement, the High Priest of Israel sacrificed a bull for a sin offering for his own sins. Subsequently he took two goats and presented them at the door of the tabernacle with a view to dealing with the corporate sins of God’s people — the nation of Israel. Two goats were chosen by lot: one to be “The Lord’s Goat”, which was offered as a blood sacrifice, and the other to be the “Azazel” scapegoat to be sent away into the wilderness. The blood of the slain goat was taken into the Holy of Holies behind the sacred veil and sprinkled on the mercy seat, the lid of the ark of the covenant. Later in the ceremonies of the day, the High Priest confessed the sins of the Israelites to Jehovah placing them figuratively on the head of the other goat, the Azazel scapegoat, who “took them away” never to be seen again. The sin of the nation was thus “atoned for” (paid for) by the “The Lord’s Goat” and “The Azazel Goat”.”

In today’s culture we are not too far away from this mentality. It is an innate force within us towards death as much as towards life. The work of Sigmund Freud explores this concept. I once read a concise example of this in the works of a commenter on Freud. As a young boy he held a fallen and injured bird in his hands with the primary purpose of helping a fellow creature in distress. He recalls the distinct impulse within him to tighten his grip and kill this bird. This is the same impulse reported by many people who’ve been at the edge of a cliff or looking down from the roof of a high-rise building, usually felt as an urge to jump or simply a fear that one might fling oneself over the edge. We Humans have it within us to destroy what is beautiful. We have an tendency to build individuals up into Gods and then destroy them at their peak in our individual lives as well as that of the collective. Some of us are compelled to begin relationships that are colloquially known as “projects” – build up an individual, put all of our best into them, and when it is clear that this person we have “made” is their own free agent and liable to disappoint us, we destroy them.
We have a mob tendency to project our individual and collective inadequacies onto the next fool who’ll take them. The phrase “the nail that sticks out gets hammered” comes to mind as it is usually the person who vocalizes these inadequacies or more readily betrays them in their being and behaviour. We all turn on this person and sacrifice their character, or life, in extreme cases. We recognise this when other nations scapegoat their own minorities – we can all accept that the Jewish people were Germany’s scapegoat – but can we recognise it when it is done to individuals?

Modern Day Sacrifices

This is where it begins to get “freaky” as I will take this from the ancient context and into a modern one. It is important to note that what I’m about to supply are accurate facts and information, and that one must take it upon oneself to investigate the many details which, for the sake of brevity, I cannot include here. There are plausible reasons why certain individuals would want to continue this global tradition, whether it appears sane to us or not.

cremation_of_care-300x225The Cremation of Care (at Bohemian Grove)

I am not necessarily casting judgment on this annual ritual or on the people participating in it as it has great spiritual significance and isn’t inherently evil, especially given the fact that it doesn’t appear to involve a living victim. It is merely an echo of previous ages.

Every year, under a 50ft+ stone owl in what is known as Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California, “The Cremation of Care” takes place. Officially understood as a theatrical piece, it is a very powerful action — to do away with one’s cares, if only for the duration of the Summer festival. This need to do away with our worries and concerns with physical reality is an innate need within us and in the absence of ritual we often succumb to abuse of sex and drugs in order to achieve it. Colloquially, we call this “Self-Medication”.

The ritual is designed to fire the imagination and capture the senses as it is performed in an eerie setting with light, fire, explosions, chanting, and a pre-recorded blood-curdling scream of a Human Being. As a practicing Magickian myself, I know that the power of magic comes from the unconscious level and the abandoning of the analytic mind for the duration of casting the spell. This is why I cannot jump into the boat with people like Alex Jones and tell you that the enormity of this ritual is any indication to the intention behind it. At the very least, the hundreds of guests who attend the campground for the festival would have their own individual intentions, most of which may be drawn from a positive place.

elvis-with-azec-jacketThe Original Sun “King”

There are two deaths the world (America in particular) remembers from the mid-20th Century, those of John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley – suspiciously known as “The King”. Elvis was very likely a Sun King, adored by many and showered with material gifts for a term. In the picture on the left taken at a show in his later days, there is no denying what role he was playing.

Elvis was suffering from a handful of ailments and unhealthy habits at the time of his death. The coroner reported back that the cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia which can only be diagnosed while the patient’s heart is still pumping, resulting in the people closest to him keeping the cause of death open for debate. To some, his death is suspicious.

Elvis fits in perfectly to the sacrificial Sun King, as he was a huge pop icon that held the attention, love, adoration, disgust, and envy of a whole population. He was also close to weakness and illness, which means death according to the ritual. Imagine how differently we would see Elvis today if he had lived, aged and deteriorated into a state of incapacity prior to his death. The question of our perceptions of these individuals and their eternal youth, in our minds, is the key to understanding the power of this grand ritual.

The 27 Club

Now that we’ve laid out the long history of Human Sacrifice, it’s hallmarks, why it’s done, and given an example of it in the modern era, we can explore the more unusual phenomena surrounding our pop icons. The job of entertaining billions of people is a powerful one; they hold a great deal of responsibility in their hands as artists – people capable of inspiring higher emotions, ideals, and thoughts in the populace that adores them, particularly the youth. It is often said that, as time goes by, music is becoming less about genuine rebellion and more about…. everything but genuine rebellion. This is not exclusively the complaint of a generation on its way out, but rather a grounded multi-generational observation. I think the following could answer this mystery to some degree.

The 27 Club” is a laundry list of popular musicians who died at the ripe young age of 27. It’s populated by the most loved musicians of the youth of the late 20th Century: Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, and Amy Winehouse(?) – but this list is 41 people-long from my last count, consisting of:

Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, D. Boon, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, Alexandre Levy, Louis Chauvin, Nat Jaffe, Jess Belvin, Rudy Lewis, Malcolm Hale, Dickie Pride, Brian Jones, Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson, Arlester “Dyke” Christian, Linda Jones, Leslie Harvey, Roger Lee Durham, Wallace Yohn, Dave Alexander, Pete Ham, Gary Thain, Cecilia (Evangelina Sobredo Galanes), Helmut Köllen, Chris Bell, Jacob Miller, Alexander Bashlachev, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pete de Freitas, Mia Zapata, Kristen Pfaff, Richerd Edwards, Fat Pat, Freaky Tah, Rodrigo Bueno, Sean Patrick McCabe, Maria Serrano Serrano, Jeremy Michael Ward, Jonathn Brandis, Bryan Ottoson, Valentín Elizalde, Amy Winehouse, Richard Turner.

Having been privately investigating this phenomena for years, this author is still astounded by the great number of musicians who “just happened” to kick the bucket at the same age. Statistically this is pretty bizarre and indicates that there is a directed consciousness behind it – meaning that someone out there is pushing this to happen or there is a subconscious force within the person drawing them towards their death. For now we’ll focus on the possibility of a deliberate influence in these peoples’ lives. It’s important to note that most of these deaths came about by way of automobile or drug overdose, which are very suspicious forms of death.

Let’s take a look at the possible motives….

Eternal Youth of the Sun King

We all remember “The King” as he is pictured above; youthful and vibrant. Had he lived much longer, the world would have been exposed to a frail (not very) old man dying of cancer. We tend to remember those who have crossed over in their physical form at the time that they did so, as apposed to their more youthful forms (unless we grew up with them). When we see a picture of a man or woman we were acquainted with in their 20’s when they died in their 50’s, our minds are very aware that this is a picture of them when they were younger. When we see a picture of this person in their 50’s, in our minds, this is a picture of that person at their current age. There’s an association we make with Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison – they’re 27 year old, youthful, rebellious people who moaned a lot in their music and it resonated with us and will undoubtedly resonate with us forever. These people are much easier to sell at this age, and perhaps it is considered best for them to be taken out of the picture at the convenient time for better control of their product. At this stage in life many musicians are beginning to pull their heads out of the Dionysian social trap (“sex, drugs & rock’n’roll”) and are more capable of protecting their rights as originators and the resulting profits.

The rebellious spirit of mankind is a brilliant thing, and a wild horse to be captured and tamed so that there will always be a quick buck to make off our youthful angst. We look up to our pop/rock idols as full expressions of that. Their music guides us through the trials and troubles that face us all growing up and provide sweet soundtracks to our most liberating moments. We know that by the late 20’s and early 30’s a lot changes for many individuals and, as the old Texan saying goes, “the sweet becomes poison, and the poison becomes sweet”. It’s a time of transition into a new approach to life – and if our heroes made it to that stage in their lives they’d certainly sing/play songs about it – bringing the generation they spoke for through this time when individuality meets it’s toughest challenges.

The Saturn Return

If you’re up to date with your conspiracy theories you are aware that “the powers that be” see great significance in Astrology and other esoteric principles. If we’re willing to keep an open mind enough to consider that ritualized Human sacrifice is of interest to this unseen hand, then surely we can consider that they would have laws governing it and may integrate Astrological principles into this practice.
Saturn is the archetype of the Father, of control, of structure. This archetype is very present throughout the life of a Human Being, as a part of growing up involves learning discipline and restructuring our lives and minds in order to meet the demands of a changing body and a changing social persona. Of particular interest is the period between 23 and 30 as Saturn’s involvement in our lives approaches a climax. Whatever Sign and Degree Saturn occupied when one was born, it would take approximately 27 years to travel through the signs and return to the Sign and Degree it occupied at one’s birth. Astrologers call this “A Saturn Return”. From the age of 23, life begins to ask something of us. It asks us to conceive of a new identity and approach to life, which will intensify as the years pass. Upon Saturn’s Return (the rebirth of our inner structure) between the age of 26 and 30 the process of rebirth draws to a close.

The entertainment world comes with many demands on the individual. They are reduced to the rank of a domesticated dog, they are emotionally and sexually compromised, and at times they are the subjects of outright mind control. A rebellion eventually occurs by a certain age.

britney-spears-shaves-her-head-200x300Britney’s New Look

In early 2007 Britney Spears embarked on a spiritual journey when her aunt passed away from cancer. The loss of this close relative spurring her on to the “breakdown” she experienced over the next year and a half makes more Existential and realistic sense than the various reasons given by her representatives and the tabloid media (i.e. her breakup with Justin Timberlake), although there’s no question that she was going through a lot of different stresses. From my humble perspective and provisional knowledge of this part of her history, she was faced with mortality and her own transience, and was spurred to give meaning to it. She checked into a rehabilitation clinic (which lasted a day), and then shaved her head bald. The shaving of the hair is a very personal ritual of transformation, when consciously done it is to take away old energies and/or magnify the psychological impact of that rebirth. It’s also worth noting from a symbolic perspective that she did not shave the back of her head.
Later on in the year, media assassination, custody battles, legal battles, and chaotic personal relationships forced her into a psychiatric institution. She has since found “stability” in terms of being functional and capable of performing.

Another interesting note is the names of her biggest albums and tracks at the time, such as: “Blackout”, “Piece of Me”, and “Break the Ice”. “Gimme More” was also a hit, but that’s insubstantial since most pop song titles are variations on that theme anyway.

If anyone follows the cult adult cartoon, South Park, they may be aware that in the 12th Season they made an episode about Britney’s breakdown. It was an interesting commentary on not only Spears’ situation, but of pop icon status in general. This show is known for many subtle whistle-blows, yet in this episode the message was explicit. In the episode, upon driving Britney to a failed suicide in which she blew off the front of her face, the boys feel a sense of duty to help Britney in her seeking for freedom from the press and fandom. What is revealed to be really going on is a ritual Human sacrifice for the corn harvest in which all the adults of the town and the State were conscious participants. As in ancient times, the people were to choose a sacrifice (it’s interesting that Spears, being the sacrifice in this story, is blonde), who would be adorned, praised and then sacrificed in order that the town would receive the blessing of a fruitful corn harvest.


I have to cut somewhat prematurely to a conclusion in this essay because I’ve related all that I know. I have no real solid idea of what is going on here as there are many valid theories and few known facts. It would be irresponsible of me to come out with a definite answer and try to convince you something is going on which may only serve to pull you off into a cul-de-sac when it comes to the truth of this situation. All we know for sure is that something is going on with these young performers and that the entertainment industry is laced with seedy corruption. To theorize about this realm and it’s possible hidden motives is a natural reaction, given what we’ve learned today.

We can’t know for sure, but we can theorise. So here are a few suggestions that have come to me by my own reflections on the subject and theories espoused by other researchers in the field.

  • Rapidly Fading Stars – The entertainment industry is cruel and cut-throat despite the harmony exuded through it’s public face. Those under the most pressure are the individuals who do the entertaining. Being consumed in a realm where the only value your gift has is monetary and nobody is on your side can easily result in your internalizing this mentality. If one does not fit into this scene and is unhappy with the expectations made of one, it can result in an inner conflict that can consume one in a self-destructive way. Without effective coping mechanisms, one could find oneself taking refuge in drugs and promiscuity. One very valid theory is that as Saturn’s Return inevitably comes back to call the individual back into themselves, the rebellion intensifies and can result in a horrific death born of one’s own negligence.
  • King For A Day/April’s Fool – As a spokesperson for your contemporaries you are a channel for that collective energy; a sort of gatekeeper who sets the mark and standard of rebellion from the norm and personal freedom. You are a King For A Day, destined to guide your contemporaries to greener pastures. In order to bring your Godly status to its climax you must be ritually murdered to extract the most intense payload of emotional energy from your worshippers. To take the life of a powerful person in a ritualised manner is a serious act, the seriousness of which only an Occultist is consciously aware of. The harvesting of enthusiasm, excitement, pain, and sorrow from the youth is an alluring prospect to Occultists who are ill of mind and heart. I find this theory valid because I cannot see Dark Sorcerers passing up the opportunity, given their involvement in the realm of entertainment.
  • Retarding Growth & Freezing Innocence – Another allure of the predators of the world is to freeze our emotional and intellectual growth, to keep us at the youngest mental age possible, but old enough to participate in society as laborers and consumers, and want the myriad of crap advertised to us. If the truly rebellious people in our world are to go on to change it, a certain degree of refinement would be required, and it is this that the predators seek to prevent. A deeper sense of pride and a keener understanding of the world is what the predators truly fear in the masses – these people go on to create worlds aside and away from the predator power matrix. It is valid to conceive that a force exists in the world which understands the importance of idols to the confused and frightened teenager/young adult and the many things they can learn from them. Not only must these idols have their free speech and express curtailed, but they must be snuffed-out as they approach the age of stepping out of the adolescent impulses and into pride and wisdom. What would Jim Morrison have to say today? What would he have said in the EIGHTIES? How would he have coped with a changing body and a changing world? I suggest that he wouldn’t have went on to write absolute garbage like the many musicians who didn’t die so early. What would an empowered 40-year-old Morrison have done for his generation? These are questions for your own subjective reflections.

As we explore and more is revealed I will add to this essay and produce another, if one is called for.

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